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Chirp is the only GPS Tracking and Locator app to offer an "all in one" solution to staying connected with people you know, and finding out where they are, where they've been, if they are in a safe location, private messaging, and so much more. Check out the complete list of features below.

Chirp Features

Chirp is loaded with easy to use, advanced features.

Track people with iOS or Android

Connect with anyone who has a smartphone, (iOS or Android) in just two easy steps, and view their current location, watch them in real-time, or get a bread crumb style history, including the speed they were going at a certain juncture. Toggle satellite view or 2D view on a map too!

Drop Pins

Want to remember where you've been or get directions back to that location? Chirp makes it easy, just drop a pin and it will remember that location forver, plus you get turn by turn directions back there anytime! You can also share that location with others or view what Crime and weather is in that area. Set a small (25 feet) or a much larger boundary, it's up to you.

Boundaries, alerts, and messaging

Set a boundary for someone and get alerted when they cross it! With a couple of quick taps you can designate just "how far" someone can go before you get an alert on your device or email. You can also send alerts and messages to anyone in your connections list, which automatically causes them to come online and trackable.

Panic button

Automatically send out a panic alert to anyone on your connections list. Safety is important and knowing when someone is in trouble can mean the difference in them getting the life saving help they need. When Chirp sends out a panic alert, the people designated to get the alert from your connections list, receives an alert with your current location and the ability to track you.

Easy, private, and secure

Toggling online and offline is as easy as a tap. And if you only want to be online for a certain group of people, you can toggle your visibility status to any one connection with a tap as well. So Chirp is now just super simple to use, it's also easy to keep your location exclusive to only people you want.

Even more

View and share your own location, watch your speed with the full screen speedometer, advanced help system guides you through every section of the app, get direction to anyone you are tracking, includes indoor maps, track everyone with the "Track All" feature, works together with ios and android devices.

Any platform

Chirp works across multipe devices, and multiple platforms. It no longer matters what device your family, friends, or business uses.

  • Easy to connect

    There are only two steps required to connect with someone to add them into the list of people you coan track, message, and alert.

  • Easy on the battery

    You can use Chirp without worrying too much about your battery. Chirp utilized wake and sleep methods to help keep your battery keep a good charge when tracking is enabled.


Explore the awesomeness

  • So many use cases

    Chirp can be used for just about any situation you need tracking. Location of family members, connection and meeting up with friends, keeping track of employees and delivery drivers, as well as just personal private messaging any saving pins for your favorite places.

  • Safety

    Beyond all of the advanced features Chirp offers, we wanted safety to be a central part of the app. So all Chirp apps include a Panic button feature that alerts others you might be in trouble. It's easy to configure and even easier to use.

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